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88-Hour Hands-On Laser Certification

This is our most popular course, offering an education suited to real world applications with emphases on safety and positive results. In addition to our 40-Hour Laser Didactic program and Laser Safety Officer Certification, we also include Hands-On Certification – a Bureau of Radiation Control requirement necessary to perform Laser Hair Reduction, Photofacial, Laser Peel and Skin Tightening. We are the only laser school in the country to incorporate the latest technology for every training program using the most knowledgeable experienced laser trainers.


We offer the latest procedures for reducing flaws, tightening, and clarifying skin. We use advanced technology from the world’s leading laser manufacturers to produce superior results for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, stretch mark and cellulite reduction, and body shaping. Additionally, the Clearskin Institute staff has been training and certifying physicians, nurses, laser technicians, and aestheticians since 1996.

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Dr.Frank-Barone (Demo)
Training Graduate | Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

I would like to thank you and Sciton for supporting the training session with Larry Helwig at our office on Monday, August 21. My new partner Dr Peter Koltz and I both found Larry’s overall teaching and tremendous experience to be extremely valuable and timely for our application of Sciton’s BBL, Halo and TRL resurfacing technologies. We treated six patients with various skin types and issues. This was also extremely valuable for all of our clinical staff for safety and patient care. I can not compliment Larry enough for his teaching skills, guidance, transparency and overall mastery of aesthetic skin treatment and resurfacing applications as well as patient selection, preparation, anesthetics and post treatment care.

Larry also gave us an all day business consultation with the entire staff on Tuesday, August 22. This was based on the fundamentals of his Game Changer Program that he has and continues to develop. Larry’s business experience and insight, in addition to his engaging and passionate style, created an incredibly invaluable experience and learning opportunity that benefited our entire staff. I have interacted with a number of consultants in our surgical and aesthetic practice over the years, but I believe that Larry’s unique approach and teaching fundamentals were the most beneficial overall for our staff, our business as well as for our patients.

Overall a great two days of learning and opportunity so again we thank you and Sciton for your support and involvement!

Testimonials-Clearskin-Logo (Demo)
Training Graduate

Attended “The Game Changer” consultation advanced training course taught by Larry, last week. His knowledge, energy, and pearls of wisdom were just what we needed to give our team a fresh perspective and excitement to bring back to our clinics to give our clients amazing service . We have 5 locations and this is just what we needed to take us to the next level. We look forward to additional courses with Larry , to keep us at the top of our game. He’s the Tony Robbins of Laser Aesthetics Training. Thanks Larry

MARC-D.-LIANG,-M.D. (Demo)
Training Graduate | Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

I was first introduced to Larry at a conference for laser training in Pittsburgh. He is a wealth of knowledge regarding multiple non-invasive procedures and minimally invasive procedures with decades of hands on experience.

Where Larry’s real value as a consult comes to play is in his understanding of effective marketing, techniques inside and outside of the office. His unique approach to educate patients on their condition and making them realize that they do indeed need procedures is remarkable. Mr. Helwig is by no means an average marketing person (but a truly well-informed, educated and self-motivated psychologist).

Not only does he know to convince patients of his services but runs clinics where the staff are educated and well trained to deliver his message. I was so impressed with his seminar that i invited Larry to give my office and clerical staff a 2-day seminar on Exilis, Vanquish and laser techniques here in Pittsburgh. He charged up my people to work harder and be more enthusiastic to “sell” and to learn new things. His energy and enthusiasm for cosmetic surgery was contagious.

I whole heartedly recommend that all offices who deal with cosmetic procedures give Larry a chance to enhance their practices. They won’t be disappointed.

Testimonials-Clearskin-Logo (Demo)
Training Graduate | PHOENIX, AZ

I took my certification classes at Clearskin and have also had the opportunity to come in for treatments after I graduated. Not only was the class amazing but the instructors are all rockstars and you learn so much from them. As far as my treatments since my graduation my skin is looking so much better and I am getting compliments from all my friends and family. I would recommend Clearskin for any of their certification classes or even to get treatments. Thanks Clearskin!!


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