Get Adele’s Iconic Look

Everyone knows Adele for her gorgeous, sultry and powerful voice that makes her fabulous heart break ballads shine and gain international acclaim. She just gets it but now her makeup artist has just released a tutorial on how to get her iconic look. Adele’s eyeliner is something for the gods but you can achieve it too.

You might not be able to belt a heartfelt ballad like Adele, but you can at least copy her famous eyeliner the next time you need a confidence boost. Her makeup artist has just spilled the details behind the songstress’s iconic look, and it turns out the secret is lots of gel eyeliner, an unexpected way to apply mascara and patience. 

Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge said her YouTube channel viewers were clamoring for an Adele-inspired makeup tutorial. So she brought on Michael Ashton, who has been working on the singer’s hair and makeup for nine years. Ashton says Adele has “fantastic bone structure and beautiful almond-shaped eyes,” so there’s a good foundation behind those lashes. 

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Here’s how he creates the look. First, he applies Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner to the back of his hand to dry it out, and applies it with an eyeliner brush, starting towards the middle inner corner of the eye and brushing out, gradually building up thickness before winging out the shape and stretching out the liner toward the inner corner of the eye.

The key is to keep reapplying and reapplying it to keep the color solid and dense, and keeping the brush as close to the lash line as possible. And since even Adele’s makeup artist makes mistakes, he recommends Bioderma Sensibio H20 with a cotton swab to slightly tweak the liner.

Ashton uses a Tom Ford eyeshadow quad before eyeliner to create a golden bronze effect. And after the eyeliner and false lashes are on, he applies Diorshow mascara to the back of his hand, then applies it on the lower lash line with a mascara fan brush. “I find it almost gives you the look as if you’ve just smudged a bit of black eye kohl in there,” he says.

At the very end, he uses a liquid liner with a “tar” consistency and a fine brush to do a final eyeliner swoop, then grooms the brows with clear gel, brow pencil, and eye shadow. Because it’s not easy to look like Adele, the full tutorial is more than 22 minutes long, and features skincare and foundation tips to get the full superstar look. The eye-makeup tips start at 2:23.


Why she needs more sleep, science says so!

Finally the age old argument of who needs more sleep is solved. The answer is, of course, women. So when we say we need our beauty sleep there actually is some science to back this up. Sleep is our body’s way of regenerating and dealing with the stresses of the day. It also keeps our skin healthier.

Chronic sleep deprivation can lead to a range of health issues, among them: diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. A disheartening study now says women may be more susceptible to these illnesses in the wake of, well, staying awake, than men.

Researchers from Duke University surveyed 210 men and women between the ages of 18 and 65 about the quality and frequency of their sleep, and assessed them on several other measures of health, including psychological distress and physical well-being.

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None of the subjects had a history of clinical sleep problems (meaning they weren’t insomniacs) and all were relatively healthy (i.e., didn’t smoke and didn’t have any major health concerns during the time the study was conducted).

The researchers found that issues with falling and staying asleep alongside not getting enough Z’s on a regular basis were linked with hints of blood sugar regulation problems, higher rates of inflammation, elevated stress levels, increased hostility, and a heightened risk of depression. But only for women. And the more trouble women reported with sleeping, the higher their body mass indexes were, while men seemed to be buffered from this effect.


The researchers suggest these gender disparities may have to do with the sex hormone testosterone, which is produced in much higher quantities in men than women. Testosterone has been found to protect the body’s cells from inflammation and, as a result, may also protect the brain and other organs from sleep deprivation and stress.

“Higher testosterone is associated with lower CRP and IL-6 [hormonal markers of inflammation in the blood stream], greater insulin sensitivity and lower BMI,” the researchers write in the journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity. “It is reasonable to assume, therefore, that higher testosterone levels blunt the health damaging consequences of poor sleep in men.”

As for the weight gain/poor sleep link? The study authors believe that the different balance of hormones women have (namely: more estrogen and progesterone, less testosterone) can, when thrown out of whack by crappy sleep, incline us to take more trips to the fridge than our boyfriends. In other words: Sleep deprivation may just make women hungrier than men, thanks to our hormonal differences. Great.

Rather than recommending that all women seek ways of boosting their testosterone levels, however, the researchers underscore the importance of women developing a more solid bedtime routine that allows them more wiggle room to fall-and stay-asleep. Easier said then done, but consider this your 453,735th reminder that sleep is the answer to most of your life problems.


Friends don’t let friends contour the wrong way

Contouring is a huge makeup trend that has taken the internet by storm. There are literally thousands of tutorials claiming to help enhance your face’s natural curves. It’s a really interesting exercise to be able to play with light and shadow and how they interact on your face but let’s be real. There’s a right way to contour.

Since our first Lenny editorial meeting, Jenni has been obsessed with having television’s own Busy Philipps give her a good old-fashioned department-store-style makeup lesson. You may know Busy as Freaks and Geeks‘ Kim Kelly or Cougar Town‘s Laurie Keller or the best part of the seminal film White Chicks. Or you may be obsessed with her two beautiful daughters, Birdie and Cricket, whose perfect little visages smile out at you from her Instagram (which is delightfully honest about the challenges of Hollywood and motherhood both). But Jenni is most impressed by the fact that Busy does her own makeup for lots of events and red carpets.

Almost everyone is spending demented amounts of money getting professionals to make them look like they have anime eyelashes.

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This may not sound like a big deal, but in Hollywood it’s essentially unheard of. Occasionally we’ll meet someone who comes out of the theater world and so is used to wielding their own mascara wand, but almost everyone is spending demented amounts of money getting professionals to make them look like they have anime eyelashes. To be clear, professional makeup artists are amazing: knowledgeable, supportive, and if Lena didn’t have one, her Twitter mentions would be even more hostile. But wouldn’t it be nice to have some of those skills for yourself, so that you could get glamorous if and when you chose, even if it was just for a trip to Chipotle?

It’s not that Jenni is bad at doing her own makeup (Lena is). But Jenni has gotten into a comfortably numb routine (mascara and tinted sunscreen – that’s it). So Busy came to our office, armed with her tool kit and a can-do attitude, and Lena sat and watched intently as she showed Jenni some of her best tricks.

Below are Lena’s field notes so that you CAN try this at home.

Jenni had Busy do half her face while she attempted to handle the other. I cannot honestly say Busy didn’t go in and help a little with Jenni’s side, but no shame. Also it was very cute to hear Busy talk about how she used to VOLUNTEER to do sorority girls’ makeup before parties. “Were you in a sorority?” I ask, trying to understand. “Oh no,” Busy says. “I was just delighted at the opportunity.”


The first thing Busy said that blew our minds is that she often uses multiple shades of concealer. After all-the place below your eyes is not color-matched to your hairline, chin, or the bridge of your nose. She mixes, matches, and blends. Her favorite concealer is by Clé de Peau (although she was sure to tell us she also loves drugstore products, particularly Cover Girl’s black eyeliner).

Busy usually uses her fingers to apply concealer, though she was careful to note that if a makeup artist did that, she’d be pretty bummed. No one needs someone else’s strange fingers in all their facial crevices. We want the distance of a brush.

She feels the single biggest shift you can make to your appearance is concealer, but not where you think: she suggests dotting it around your nostrils to lighten up your whole face. I tried it tentatively as she worked on Jenni and had to really take a moment to contemplate my own beauty.

Busy is also VERY enthused about concealer on your lids, either as a primer for a shadow or just a nice way to even things out. She also explained that she does foundation first and then cover-up, even though the conventional wisdom is the reverse. LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, WE HAVE A WILD ONE HERE.