Saggy skin may be a thing of the past

Oh Jennifer Aniston, you have done so much for us. You are still America’s sweetheart and have been since the early nineties. You don’t seem to age and stay so beautiful and now we are starting to see why. Aniston has made some smart investments in the beauty world and now the latest invention is coming to revolutionize wrinkle care.

Saggy skin may soon become a distant and icky memory, and we owe it all to Jennifer Aniston. Sort of. At least, we owe it all to Jennifer Aniston and a bunch of super-smart scientists.

A team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology developed a two-step transparent serum that both tightens saggy under-eye skin and wards off dryness. The miracle product has been licensed to two companies-Olivo Labs and Living Proof, in which Jennifer Aniston is an investor. So, basically, the A-lister is the reason you may soon be able to bid wrinkles a very smooth adieu.

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A report published in scientific journal Nature Materials and co-written by a Harvard Medical School dermatologist concluded, “Until now, there has been nothing that could restore the elastic property of skin, and this material does that.”

Lead MIT scientist Robert Langer explained to NBC News that the compound-XPL, or “second skin”-can last for up to 16 hours and be applied daily. Plus, Langer said that when he tested it on himself, he “didn’t even realize it was there,” which is more than we can say for Spanx.