Forever Young BBL: Photofacials are the Fountain of Youth

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Is there really an answer to the Fountain of Youth? This is still up for debate. But, the fact of the matter is, the more a person can do to prevent aging, the younger he/she will stay. So, what can our patients do to prevent aging. Well, the real answer is regular maintenance. Just like you have to exercise to prevent weight gain or maintain weight loss, we all must do maintenance to prevent aging of our skin.

Photo facials are one of the best non-invasive treatments to prevent or slow down aging. So, what is a photo facial? It is a light-based treatment using multiple wavelengths to interact with melanin and oxyhemoglobin (aka red and brown pigment on the skin). This treatment has been used for years to reduce the signs of aging by removing pigment and broken blood vessels caused by sun damage.

However, Dr. Patrick Bitters Jr. proved that photo facials do much more than this. In 2012, a Stanford study called Rejuvenation of Gene Expression Pattern of Aged Human Skin by Broadband Light Treatment: A Pilot Study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology proved these treatments can actually slow down the aging process. This study showed that there are genes that are active when we are young that become dormant as we age (anti-aging genes), and there are genes that are dormant while we are young and become active when we are older (aging genes). A portion of the study looked at histological changes in tissue following 3 photofacial treatments while another study looked at patients who had 3 photo facials a year for 10 years (30 – 33 photo facials). So, photo facials can TURN OFF aging genes and TURN BACK ON anti-aging genes. All the participants in the study not only looked younger 10 YEARS LATER, but their skin was acting like younger skin.

The true answer to the Fountain of Youth is a lifestyle of prevention. However, photo facials can be a crucial part of this. Larry Helwig and Dr. Ann will discuss in this podcast what a photo facial is, who is a candidate, and details of this study.

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