Resurfacing Pt. 1

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Resurfacing is a term used to describe laser treatments where the skin is ablated to a certain depth to remove lines and wrinkles. As Larry likes to explain it, “It is burning you face off!” Resurfacing procedures are commonly used to erase lines and wrinkles, tighten the skin, remove unwanted pigmentation, and can even turn back the clock by 10 – 15 years. Larry and Dr. Ann will discuss the different types of resurfacing lasers, CO2, Erbium, and Plasma resurfacing. They will go into the similarities and differences between these different types of lasers, and when each type should be used. They will also talk about the difference between doing a fully ablative laser versus a factional laser. There are so many choices for patients to choose from in the resurfacing world, so how does one know which is the right one to choose? Larry and Dr. Ann hope to help patients and practitioners understand the difference between the different types of resurfacing lasers as well as the differences between resurfacing treatments and face lift surgeries.