Combat Dry Skin With These Four Tips

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Dry skin is both uncomfortable and unsightly, so why suffer through it? If you’re like many people, your skin is either naturally on the dry side or you experience it at certain times of the year. Fortunately, there are a variety of proven ways to combat dry skin and embrace a smooth, younger-looking you!

Practice these four tips to both treat and prevent dry skin:

1. Use a Humidifier

Especially for warmer months and those who live in drier climates, a humidifier can be a godsend for dry skin. Even in your home or at work, certain rooms tend to be more arid than others (like rooms without poor air flow), so take this into consideration when choosing where to set it up. Even running it for just an hour or two a day can go a long way in promoting skin hydration.

2. Watch What You Wear

Some kinds of fabric are actually more likely to contribute to dry skin than others. A good rule of thumb is to avoid synthetic fabrics whenever possible, particularly ones that are solid throughout and do not let your skin “breathe”. Natural fabrics like cotton and silk will be better for keeping skin smooth and hydrated, as will outfits that are flowier or well-fitted and don’t chafe your skin.

3. Treat Your Skin with a Daily Moisturizer and Limit Hot Showers

How you treat your skin directly obviously plays a huge role in how dry it is. Most dermatologists and skincare experts recommend using a daily moisturizer (one for your body and a separate, milder one for your more sensitive facial skin). While you should slather it on as this can cause clogged pores and even reduce your skin’s naturally ability to moisturize over time, you should treat it with a thin, even layer of moisturizer at least once every day. Doing this after you shower or bathe will help further to lock in moisture.

And if you’re one to enjoy hot showers and/or baths, it’s a good idea to keep them limited. Hot water can actually strip away the naturally moisturizing oils from your skin. So, try to keep water warm or cool instead, without the scalding heat.

4. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

There’s a good chance you’ve already heard about how much water affects our skin. While using a regular topical moisturizer will certainly help, the truth is that it’s not enough. Your skin is made up of several layers, and it is crucial that you treat it from the inside out by drinking water. It’s worth noting that other beverages are not enough — the sugars, caffeine, dyes and even natural ingredients found in other beverages can actually have a dehydrating effect on your body tissues.

So with this in mind, how much water should you be drinking a day anyway? According to Healthline, experts still recommend drinking eight, 8 oz. glasses of water daily. That said, your exact water needs will go up if you exercise frequently, live in a dry climate or are exposed to other conditions that cause your body to use up moisture more frequently.

Want to really step it up? Get your skin treated by the pros

For many people, daily moisturizing and other skin-friendly tactics only go so far (and they can be tedious). The good news is that there are now many professional cosmetic and medical dermatology treatments that offer deeper, more long-term results. Keep in mind that not treating dry skin can lead to accelerated aging (like permanent lines and wrinkles), so if you’re interested in exploring what professional treatments can offer your skin, the time is now.