Key Benefits of Dysport Injections

dysport-injection-benefits (Demo)

As you age, there’s a good chance you’ll notice the appearance of wrinkles on your face becomes more apparent. What you have to keep in mind, though, is that you can take control of their appearance. In fact, a lot of people take advantage of injections to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. One of the more popular types of injections comes in the form of BOTOX. With BOTOX, a licensed and qualified professional administers an injection that contains a purified protein solution. In doing so, this relaxes the muscles of the wrinkles, reducing their appearance.

Another type of injection that effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles is Dysport, which is very similar to BOTOX but also has a major difference. With Dysport, the injection includes an active ingredient that works to gently relax facial muscles. The unique relaxing nature of the Dysport injection makes it ideal for treating wrinkles that normally appear when you make certain facial expressions, such as frowning. There are many other reasons people favor Dysport injections. Here’s a quick look at four of them.

1. Achieve a Natural Look

Used to, people would steer clear of injections that reduced the appearance of wrinkles because it created a “frozen face” look. Fortunately, throughout the years, the entire procedure, including the ingredients in the injections, has been refined. With Dysport, you undergo a minimally-invasive procedure that requires receiving injections that contain the botulinum toxin. And when administered by a professional with experience, it is now possible to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while still achieving a natural look and avoiding the “frozen face.” Another reason Dysport does such a great job at achieving a natural appearance stems from the fact that it contains a lower concentration of protein when compared to Botox. This lower concentration means the Dysport injections spread more evenly, leaving behind a fresh, natural look.

2. Long-Lasting

A lot of people who use Dysport injections stick with them because they provide such quick and lasting results. Most people notice results within a week of their first treatment, and many people note their results last up to five months. This means the results last quite a bit longer than the results produced by Botox.

3. Wrinkle Prevention

You don’t have to already have a bunch of wrinkles to start worrying about them. You can use Dysport to prevent them as well. In fact, the injections not only reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles but also help prevent the formation of new ones. A lot of dermatologists are even recommending starting Dysport injections before noticing wrinkles because this helps prevent them from ever forming.

4. Zero Downtime

Probably one of the best benefits of Dysport injections is that they are accompanied with zero downtime. A lot of patients have the injections performed during a lunch break and return to work directly after leaving the office. The injections themselves take only a few minutes to administer.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’ve tried Botox before or not, if you want to reduce or prevent the appearance of wrinkles, Dysport is definitely a product to ask your dermatologist about.