SmartGraft: The Minimally Invasive Method of Hair Transplantation


It happened. The always dreaded hair loss has begun or has been in the process for some time. Naturally, you’ve been looking at hair replacement options to return to the more youthful look of the past.

The options you’ve weighed probably include everything from wigs to transplant procedures. Neither is necessarily appealing. Wigs are a poor substitute for real hair and transplants that involve invasive procedures certainly don’t sound pleasant. Fortunately, medical innovation has created a much better solution: SmartGraft.

How Does SmartGraft Differ from Traditional Transplant Procedures?

Traditional hair transplantation corrects the problem of hair loss by replacing inactive follicles with active follicles. Known as follicular unit transplantation (FUT), this traditional method of hair transplantation involves surgically removing strips of skin from the scalp.

After the removal, the strip is divided into very small units known as “plugs”. The plugs are then punched into the areas of the inactive follicles to start new hair growth in those areas.

SmartGraft is a huge leap forward as a minimally invasive procedure that produces better results.

This new transplantation method is technically referred to as follicular unit extraction (FUE). FUE doesn’t require taking large strips from the scalp as individual follicles are moved one at a time to their new location. Follicle insertion is known as “micro-punching”.

What are the Benefits of Smart Graft Over Traditional Transplantation?

Smart Graft has four tremendous advantages over traditional transplantation. They are:

  • Less scarring – Moving just one follicle at a time leaves only tiny, almost imperceptible scars whereas entire strip removal scars are much larger and more obvious.
  • Less Discomfort – A minimally invasive procedure also means much less post-operative discomfort. SmartGraft results in a significantly faster recuperation and lowered risk of complications.
  • Ease and Convenience – As a minimally invasive procedure, SmartGraft procedures are quick, outpatient transplants.
  • The Best Natural-Looking Results – The transplantation of individual follicles means hair grows in a natural-looking pattern, avoiding the “plug” look. SmartGraft produces the ultimate natural-looking results.

Post-Procedure Expectations

The Clear Skin Institute of Laser Aesthetics advises each SmartGraft patient on the post-operative care needed for optimal results. These small safeguards may include a bandage or a few days of not washing your hair. Patients are also advised when brushing/combing, hat-wearing, and strenuous exercise may resume.

SmarftGraft is truly the easier procedure and produces the ultimate results in the industry. Our clients deserve nothing less.

At Clearskin we are committed to offering the most innovative and advanced solutions. As an elite, nationally recognized, full-service aesthetic facility, offering SmartGraft keeps with our commitment to providing the ultimate experience and results.