What Is Plasma Skin Resurfacing?


If you’re looking for a way to achieve youthful and more vibrant-looking skin without the need for surgery, there are many options available to you these days. One innovative and popular option that you won’t want to overlook is that of plasma skin resurfacing, also commonly referred to as plasma skin rejuvenation.

By having a better idea of what this procedure is and how it works, you can make a better informed decision regarding whether this may be the right treatment option for your needs.

How Does Plasma Skin Resurfacing Work?

Specifically, plasma skin resurfacing is a non-ablative procedure that involves the use of plasma energy to stimulate cell regeneration within the skin. Exposing the skin cells to plasma energy encourages them to increase production of collagen and elastin, both of which help skin maintain a smooth and healthy appearance.

A plasma pen is used to concentrate thermal energy in specific areas around the face during treatment. And while skin cells are targeted, the outer layer of the skin’s surface remains untouched. This allows for quick healing and minimal recovery time.

Benefits of Plasma Skin Resurfacing

So, why choose plasma skin resurfacing over other treatment options for fine lines, wrinkles, and other common skin issues? There are many benefits of plasma skin resurfacing to consider, starting with the fact that this procedure does not require surgery or injections. As a result, the need for recovery or healing time is minimal, and most people who have this treatment done can begin wearing makeup and using skin care products on the treatment area within seven days.

Meanwhile, plasma skin resurfacing delivers ongoing results. For days and even weeks following treatment, most people will see a gradual improvement in the appearance of their skin. Specifically, you may find that your skin’s pigmentation has evened out, that you have fewer fine lines, reduced appearance of crow’s feet, and even a reduced appearance of scars, sun damage, and other age spots.

What to Expect From Your Treatment

Thinking about having plasma skin resurfacing done? It is always recommended that you schedule a consultation to ensure that you will be a good candidate for this procedure. From there, you should follow some important pre-care instructions before your appointment. Specifically, you should avoid tanning or any prolonged sun exposure for at least a few weeks before your appointment. Likewise, do not have any injections (such as Botox) or other fillers done leading up to your appointment.

Ready to Schedule Your Appointment?

For many people, plasma skin resurfacing is an excellent and surgery-free way to achieve the appearance of healthier and more youthful skin. If you’re interested in having this treatment done, our team at Clear Skin Institute is here to help. This is just one of the many skin care treatments we have to offer in addition to our professional training and education.

Reach out today to learn more about plasma skin resurfacing and to find out whether you may be a good candidate for this service. We’d be happy to schedule a free skin and full-body consultation to determine the best course of treatment for you.