88 Hour Hands On Laser Certification

88 Hour
Hands On Laser Certification

This is our most popular course, offering an education suited to real world applications with emphases on safety and positive results. In addition to our 40-Hour Laser Didactic program and Laser Safety Officer Certification, we also include Hands-On Certification – a Bureau of Radiation Control requirement necessary to perform Microneedling, Laser Hair Reduction, Photofacial, Laser Peel and Skin Tightening. We are one of the only laser schools in the country to incorporate the latest technology for every training program using the most knowledgeable experienced laser trainers. Treatments are included and encouraged during the hands on courses so that students can better understand each step of the process.

The 40- hour online didactic course must be completed before participating in a hands on program. Our hands on programs are 8 days strait in clinic from 9am to 6pm. Call for more information (602) 274-8254