The Need to Know on Opening an Aesthetics Practice

A lot goes into opening a business especially an Aesthetics Practice. Larry and Dr. Ann go through what you need to know about diving into the world of Aesthetics, and pointers of how to be successful in a very competitive industry.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Larry and Dr. Ann discuss the importance of good photography in an aesthetics practice. Tune in to learn about what Clearskin recommends and for tips and tricks to take quality before and after photos even without breaking the bank.

Hair Grafting Part 1

Larry and Dr. Ann go over the emotional topic of hair loss in men and women and the steps to reverse or prevent it from happening. In this two part series they will discuss all the options to keeping a full and heathy head of hair.

Coming Out of COVID 19

Larry and Dr. Ann discuss the changes in Aesthetics post COVID19. Tune in to see how the pandemic shaped our practice on both the treatments and training aspects of Clearskins practice.

PRF, The Fertilizer for your Skin

Larry and Dr. Ann talk about the difference between PRF and PRP and how you can enhance your appearance with your body’s own nutrients. Tune in to learn all the benefits of this treatment and which one they prefer.

BBL Hero, A Super Hero for Your Skin

Dr. Ann and Larry discuss the new game changing technology from Sciton, BBL Hero. This new BBL Photofacial treatment really is a super hero for your skin, keeping you looking youthful and glowing. Tune in to learn why its one of their favorite treatments.

Buckle Up Your Buccal Fat

Is your buccal fat weighing you down? It’s time to buckle it up! Larry and Dr. Ann discuss the Agnes RF device and how it can help to dissolve the fat in the buccal area taking years off your appearance. You wont want to miss this informative episode.

Build a Better Body with Emsculpt Neo

Build a Better Body with Emsculpt Neo

image of woman with fotofacial

How a Fotofacial Can Benefit You

There are many procedures and treatments you can choose to help you keep your face and skin looking and feeling younger. One of those options is a fotofacial. If you’re interested in improving issues with your facial skin, such as sun damage, discoloration, or freckles, a fotofacial can be the perfect solution. Because it’s a non-surgical procedure that can help you achieve younger-looking skin, it is growing in popularity. If you’re thinking about this option to add to your skincare routine, the following will explain this procedure and how this type of facial can benefit you so you can make a more informed decision.

What Is a Fotofacial?

A fotofacial uses a combination of intense pulsed lighting and radiofrequency energy to go deep into the skin and eliminate many of the signs of aging. It’s gentle on the skin so there’s no worry about causing a different kind of skin damage or irritation, and it’s safe to use on most parts of the body, though most people opt to use this treatment for their face.

Skin Conditions Treated

Fotofacial treatments are approved for use with a variety of skin conditions, including age spots, chronic sun damage, freckles, enlarged pores, spider veins and conditions like rosacea and other vascular conditions. A medical professional can help you determine if this treatment can help with your skin problems.

What Is It Like?

Before starting the procedure, the doctor will apply a thin layer of cooling gel to prevent the skin from overheating under the lights. They then administer the intense pulsed lighting and radiofrequency energy in gentle pulses to the affected area. The treatment can be completed in as few as 30 minutes, depending on the size of the area treated.

How Many Treatments Are Required?

Because fotofacials are a gentle treatment, there’s no harm in getting multiple treatments. In fact, many people require more than one treatment to get the results they want. For many people, five to six treatments are required to achieve the best results. With three to four weeks between treatments, it can take a few months to complete the treatments. For those who want to maintain their new look, doctors recommend revisiting treatment once every five or six months. This will prevent you from going through the series of treatments again in the future.

What Is Recovery Like?

Fotofacials are deemed safe for all skin types. There is no downtime for recovery, which means you can return to work or your other daily tasks right away after receiving a treatment. However, some individuals may feel some level of discomfort, causing them to take it easy for a little while following treatment.

There’s no need to simply accept skin damage and aging skin as an unavoidable fact of life. With the help of fotofacial treatments, you can eliminate some of the signs of aging The best thing you can do is schedule an appointment to see one of our professionals. We can help you determine if this is the best treatment option to meet your needs.

“Leg Veins…Should they Stay or Should they Go”

All women have leg veins. They may be genetic, an occupational hazard, caused by trauma, pregnancy or too much sun. There is help. We’ll talk about the many non-invasive treatments available.