What Is Exci308 & What Does It Treat?

Exci308® differs from other devices by being best-in-class with all of its features, including price, size and weight, and speed of treatment. It is a more affordable and less expensive option to treat autoimmune skin conditions, with equal efficacy, and quicker treatment times.

Addresses autoimmune skin conditions for patients of all ages and skin types

Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis (eczema) is a condition that causes dry, itchy and inflamed skin.



Leukoderma, also called achromoderma, is a clinical sign describing a localized area of white depigmented skin due to total loss of epidermal melanin.



Psoriasis is a chronic (long-lasting) disease in which the immune system becomes overactive, causing skin cells to multiply too quickly. Patches of skin become scaly and inflamed, most often on the scalp, elbows, or knees, but other parts of the body can be affected as well.


Scalp psoriasis

Scalp psoriasis is a chronic, non contagious, inflammatory skin condition that occurs on the scalp, causing itching, redness, and flaking. It can extend beyond the scalp onto the forehead.



Vitiligo is caused by the lack of a pigment called melanin in the skin. Melanin is produced by skin cells called melanocytes, and it gives your skin its color.. In vitiligo, there are not enough working melanocytes to produce enough melanin in your skin

How Does EXCI308 Act?

Exci308 efficacy is clinically proven to regulate the immune response, restore skin pigmentation and reduce inflammation & pain.

  • The device emits ‘Monochromatic Excimer Light’ (MEL) at 308nm the best wavelength to treat autoimmune skin conditions.
  • UVB radiation acts as a strong apoptotic trigger in many cell types
    • In vitro : T-cells are reduced by 96 % after UVB exposure
    • In vivo : hystology confirms that the T-cells population is much less after UVB exposure
  • High localized UVB cut the local reaction string of autoimmune diseases