Best Non-Surgical Ways To Refresh Your Look For Spring

You want to improve your skin, but the idea of cosmetic surgery is not for you. No worries, this season you can improve the look and feel of your face with nonsurgical treatments that will reduce the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, blemishes and more. Find the right treatment for you and look summer ready!


Everyone has heard of Botox, but have you done your research and thought about having the treatment? If so, you’re choosing a remedy that is both effective and safe. In fact, Botox is the number one treatment for wrinkles, especially around the mouth area. If you have fine lines from smiling or frowning, this treatment is for you. It also minimizes the appearance of crow’s feet and brow creases. It works by temporarily blocking nerve signals, which in turn causes the muscles in that area to discontinue stretching or creasing.

Dermal Fillers

To minimize the signs of aging, you can opt for dermal fillers like Juvéderm®. The active ingredient in dermal fillers is hyaluronic acid, which improves your skin’s health and helps produce collagen. The injection itself contains viscous gel that creates volume in your skin right away.


If you have a double chin, losing weight will help get rid of it. If this doesn’t work to your satisfaction, you can opt for the nonsurgical Kybella treatment to reduce your double chin.

Agnes RF

Have eye bags? Want to get rid of them? If so, Agnes RF is the right nonsurgical treatment for you. It uses a radio frequency device to treat the area without pain or downtime to recover. Agnes RF also tightens the fat around the neck and jowl area. Furthermore, it can treat cystic acne.

Scarlet SRF

To treat scars as well as tighten the skin around the face, Scarlet SRF is a great nonsurgical option. Versatile and with no pain or downtime, you can easily improve the appearance of your skin.

Neogen PSR

To rejuvenate your skin, you need to drink plenty of water. In addition to this, you can opt for Neogen PSR treatment which uses plasma to treat areas without effecting the surrounding tissues. It treats the early signs of aging, including age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Erbium Resurfacing

Do you want to reduce your skin’s age by up to 10 years? If so, Erbium Resurfacing is right for you. This treatment is especially effective for lip lines and facial wrinkles. The treatment produces collagen and tightens the skin, leaving you looking younger with just one treatment.

Profractional Erbium

Using Fractional Technology, we will treat sun-damaged skin, improve the appearance of stretch marks and scars, all while creating collagen to make your skin look fantastic. In fact, this procedure will make you look years younger with only about five days of downtime.

These nonsurgical treatments are only the tip of the iceberg. The beauty industry is growing by leaps and bounds when it comes to nonsurgical ways to improve the appearance of your skin. lf this is something you’re ready to do, reach out to us at Clear Skin Institute to determine which treatments are right for you. Call us today at 602-274-8254.

Why You Should Try Agnes RF

Clearskin Institute of Laser Aesthetics, Inc. is excited to announce that the revolutionary Agnes RF is available at our office! Developed by Dr. Gun Ahn, a dermatologist from Korea, Agnes RF is a non-surgical way to treat unsightly eye bags, as well as tighten the area around the neck and jowls. It is also used to treat cystic acne and all with minimum downtime.

How Does Agnes RF Work?

Agnes RF uses radio frequency to target specific problem areas with a needle. The needle’s depth is designed to target the specific area and has an insulated coating that protects other areas of the skin, which results in less downtime during recovery. When treating under the eye bags, the needle is inserted into the fad pad and the radio frequency energy is delivered to that fat, where it remains permanently. The procedure is minimally invasive and sometimes requires local anesthesia.

What are the Treatments Like?

The exact treatment will depend upon the area being targeted. However, you can typically expect a numbing cream to be applied to the area about 20 minutes prior to the procedure taking place. There may be minimal discomfort during the procedure as well as minimal pain. For areas that need deeper treatment, a local anesthesia will be used, as well as the numbing cream. For acne treatment, it is recommended that you return to the office in 24 to 48 hours for further treatment, including any further drainage of sebum. The actual treatment consists of inserting a needle into the wrinkle, fat pad, or acne follicle and using the radio frequency machine to trigger the exact number of pulses needed for the particular area being treated.

What is Recovery Like?

For acne treatments, you can expect mild redness for up to three days. It’s perfectly fine to use makeup to conceal the redness. For deep wrinkles and eye bags, you can expect recovery time to last up to two weeks. During the first week, you may experience some swelling and redness. After this, the redness and swelling will subside over the next few days. In some cases, with deeper treatments, you may experience numbness in the treated area for up to four weeks. After receiving Agnes RF, there may be some bruising, which can be treated with an ice pack to reduce the swelling and discomfort.

When Will I See Results?

It is not uncommon for the treated area to look worse during the recovery time. This is normal. As you recover over the next weeks and months, you’ll see a remarkable difference as new collagen deposits form under the skin, which in turn remolds the skin to its original structure.  For eye bags and wrinkles, you can expect to see results up to six months. For acne and blackheads you can expect to see results in a couple of weeks.

How May Treatments Will I Need?

It is possible to receive maximum benefit from one treatment, but you can’t treat everything in a single treatment. For this reason, you may need two or more treatments to get the best results. Treatments are scheduled three to six months after your first treatment for wrinkles or eye bags. For acne, treatment is scheduled six weeks after your initial treatment.

To learn more about Agnes RF, schedule a free consultation at Clearskin Institute of Laser Aesthetics, Inc.