image of someone receiving laser hair removal

The Amazing Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Tired of shaving? Had it with tweezing? Waxing too painful? Laser Hair removal to the rescue. It’s the latest innovative hair removal solution on the planet. Even dermatological clinics are offering laser hair removal today. If you’re considering laser hair removal, read on to discover its many amazing benefits.

Say Good-bye to Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs are those annoying little hairy things that follow waxing, epilating or shaving. Laser hair removal will help you say good-bye to those annoying things. Laser hair removal removes hair from its roots. That’s why it prevents ingrown hairs. You’ll never have to fuss with ingrown hairs again. Plus, you don’t have to worry about burns from hot wax or razor cuts.

Say Hello to Softer Skin

After shaving, there’s usually prickly stubble. Plus, there may also be some redness on the skin.  This is also common with waxing and epilating. With laser hair removal, there’s no stubble or stray hairs left. Your skin will feel so much silkier and softer after just one session of laser hair removal. Even when the hair grows back, it’ll be softer and thinner than before. No more worries about rough skin.

Say Good-bye to Scars and Painful Side Effects

Shaving isn’t really painful, but one wrong move and you may wind up with a scar. Threading is just too painful. With waxing, your skin just might get burned by the hot wax. Laser hair removal is a painless process with no scars or side effects. It’s totally no-mess, too.

Say Yes to Lasting Results

Laser hair removal is long-lasting. I can take the hair weeks and even months to grow back. And with every treatment, it takes the hair even longer to reappear. When the hair does come back, it’ll be thinner, too. Over time, you’ll find that you’re just about completely hairless. That’s makes laser hair removal a winner.

Say Yes to Shaving Between Treatment Sessions

With waxing, you have to let your hair grow until you can book another treatment. You shouldn’t shave your hair in between sessions. With laser hair removal, you can shave before your next treatment. That’s great news for those who don’t like any fuzz.

The results of laser hair removal are permanent. Hair removal from a destroyed hair follicle is permanent. Laser hair removal utilizes light to target individual hairs. The light goes down the hair shaft and into the hair follicle. It’s the heat from the laser that actually destroys the hair follicle. Hair can no longer grow from it. That’s it. It’s gone.

You’ll only need four to six sessions of laser hair removal. And if you tally up how much you’d spend on bikini wax sessions and razors, it’s very cost-effective. Think of it as a beauty investment. When you realize all of the amazing benefits from laser hair removal, having it done is a no-brainer.



image of woman receiving microneedling

Microneedling: 10 Incredible Benefits

The Amazing Powers of Microneedling

Microneedling offers some remarkable benefits for anyone looking for tighter skin, a more youthful look, and safe, effective methods of dealing with a variety of unattractive blemishes. If you’re on the fence about whether to try this form of skin care, check out these 10 important things microneedling can do for you.

  1. Microneedling can improve conditions such as rosacea. Rosacea causes the skin to become red and blemished. While microneedling isn’t an outright cure, it can greatly reduce the discoloration associated with rosacea. In facts, studies have shown that it can prove more effective than another common treatment technique using tranexamic acid.
  2. Microneedling can reduce pore size. The less supportive structures you skin contains, the larger your pores may appear. That’s where microneedling comes to the rescue. The tiny holes punched in the skin spur the skin’s healing process. This regeneration then plumps up the skin around the pores.
  3. Microneedling can lighten lines and wrinkles. Insufficient collagen and elastin allows skin to wrinkle and develop lines. Microneedling’s ability to create new collagen and elastin helps the skin maintain its proper structure while also giving it greater flexibility.
  4. Microneedling can tighten sagging skin. Skin sags with age because it loses its supply of collagen, the connective tissue that keeps skin looking tight and firm. Microneedling stimulates the production of new collagen to reverse this problem, essentially giving you a surgery-free facelift.
  5. Microneedling can help you combat stretch marks. Stretch marks consist of stringy scar tissue that forms when some part of the body rapidly increases in size due to swelling, pregnancy, weight gain et cetera. Microneedling breaks up the scar tissue, triggering its replacement with health, more flexible tissue.
  6. Microneedling can treat sun damage. Sun-damaged skin cells typically lead to blemishes such as brown spots and other discolorations. The regenerative effects of microneedling can help your skin replace those damaged cells with new, healthy-looking ones, causing ugly spots to fade.
  7. Microneedling can allow topical skin care products to work better. This procedure creates tiny holes in the skin’s surface in an effort to trigger new cell growth. These holes also allow topical skin care products to penetrate the skin more deeply and easily, helping you get maximum benefit from these products.
  8. Microneedling can enhance your acne care routine. Because microneedling helps topical medications improve your skin more efficiently, it only makes sense that it would also help your acne medicine or other topical solutions perform more effectively, giving you better control over this unsightly problem.
  9. Microneedling can address certain kinds of scarring. The procedure can’t help with raised, keloid-type scars, but it’s great for flat or collapsed scars. If you suffer from pitted acne scars or other such scars left behind by injuries, you’ll appreciate microneedling’s ability to rebuild collagen and even out your appearance.
  10. Microneedling can achieve results with fewer side effects than other treatment techniques. Unlike chemical peels or laser skin procedures which can require weeks of recuperation time, microneedling takes only a few days to produce beautiful results. Apart from some minor discomfort and redness in the first days following the procedure, you don’t have to worry about any after-effects that would keep you from your work or everyday routine.

Did any of those benefits hit home for you? If so, contact us today to learn more about microneedling and schedule treatment.


MedSpa is Booming In 2020

If you’re like many people, you’ve probably spent hours upon hours agonizing over what kind of career you should be in. Even people who’ve been working the same job for decades often still find themselves wondering if they should switch to something more rewarding. Which brings the question; have you ever considered the medical spa (MedSPA) industry?

Highly in demand right now and offering rewarding work, MedSpas are expanding all over the country thanks to increasing interest from just about every age demographic. With the right training, you can get into this exciting, lucrative industry and hit the ground running! Here’s what you need to know:

MedSpa Jobs Vary

There are a lot of different kinds of jobs that are involved with successful medical spa services. For example, there are laser technicians, botox and filler injectors, medical aestheticians, etc. Even a lot of doctors offices Many people choose to start with one kind of service specialization and expand from there. After all, the industry is booming, and qualified people have long-term potential!

Now, training for each type of service varies in length and required qualifications. That said, it’s worth pointing out that classes and training sessions tend to cost a lot less than other kinds of career training, making this kind of career a great value.

The Types of Places Offering MedSpa Services Are Growing

You are far from limited to working just at traditional medical spas. Many (if not most) day spas also started to offer these services years in order to provide their clients with a fully rounded approach. Just like day spas, a lot of modern beauty salons are also expanding their services to accommodate the growing interest in medical spa procedures. Day spas and beauty salons remain some of the most popular places to seek out these services.

And as mentioned above, a lot of medical offices continue to offer these services as well. However, as procedures become more refined, the need (or rather, the desire) for an actual doctor or nurse to perform them is decreasing. In many cases, medical offices have a non-medical professional on staff who is just there to perform MedSpa services. Many clients trust medical offices for these services because of the consciously sterile environment and latest medical equipment being used.

Niche boutiques are also on the rise, providing clients with a small, safe location to get a select range of MedSpa procedures done without a lot of other things going on. These are small businesses with usually only a few people working at them, and in fact many experienced MedSpa aestheticians have decided to open them up individually after years in the industry. A lot of clients are turning to these boutiques so they can make sure they see the same person every time.

The Potential for MedSpa Keeps Expanding

What’s next for the industry? Well, a lot of fitness centers have recently started to offer MedSpa services, in order to provide their clients with full-body fitness and makeover appeal. Likewise, the amount of services themselves that are available to the public are continuing to grow. In fact, new ones become available practically every year thanks to ongoing testing and new innovations in technology and technique. By getting into the industry now, you are opening of years of opportunity.