Patient Testimonials
  • Kelly Barnhart

    I am thrilled with the treatment and results that I’ve received from Clearskin Laser Centre! The staff is tremendously knowledgeable and clearly strives to become even more well informed about the most recent innovations in non-surgical aesthetics and skin rejuvenation. My confidence in the staff was further bolstered when I learned that Clearskin Laser Institute provides a great deal of training to other professionals across the nation. My consultation was thorough with excellent information provided about the breadth of treatment options available. I’m particularly delighted with the BTL Emsella and the difference it has made to my pelvic floor health. It is a must for any woman – especially those who have had children.

  • Alexander B, Scottsdale, AZ

    Clearskin Institute is an incredible place not only for the top-notch treatments, but they are the leaders in laser aesthetics training! If you’re looking to get into the laser esthetics field, this is definitely the place to start. I went in today to try out the new BTL EMSCULPT device which is supposed to improve the tone and shape of the stomach and/or butt by burning fat and building muscle using high-intensity focused electromagnet technology. I was initially a bit skeptical at first. As someone who regular goes to gym and is a fit individual, I couldn’t imagine that simply 30 minutes with this device would do anything noticeable more than what my weight lifting over time does, but much to my surprise when we looked at the before and after photos, there was some serious toning that came right away!! I almost couldn’t believe it! I can’t wait to go back for more! Larry Helwig really knows his stuff and was telling me all about it. Very interesting stuff. Larry, Heidi, Alexis and the rest of the amazing staff at Clearskin are definitely the best in the industry and an absolute pleasure to be around. I promise you won’t be disappointed if you go try this service or any of the other wonderful treatments they offer!

  • Bailey Woodward

    I will never go anywhere else! Dr. Watwood was recommended to me by a friend and she is absolutely amazing!!!! I can’t say enough positive things about her. Brooke that works at the front is just the sweetest most friendly receptionist ever. I couldn’t be more happy with my results and my experience.

  • Toni Nardo Bonanno

    Dr. Watwood is truly amazing and provides honest and candid feedback about what procedures you do/don’t need.

  • Tricia P.

    I’m a patient and have had great results for all the treatments I have done. I’ve had photofacials, Levulan, Halo and profractional treatments to minimize chicken pox and cystic acne scars, Sculptra, filler and Botox. I started Emsella treatments today and look forward to the results upon completion of all treatments. They have the latest and greatest equipment and are always bringing in new technology. Dr Ann Watwood, Larry Helwig and the rest of the staff are a pleasure to visit with when I’m in the office. Highly recommend their services!

  • CJ, Phoenix, AZ

    I am thrilled with the Erbium Laser Resurfacing procedure. The recovery was easy and painless, and the results were far above my expectations. The deep wrinkles around my mouth are not just minimized; they are GONE! I no longer look like I’m always angry and I actually enjoy looking in a mirror again!

  • Jacquelyn Henley, Phoenix, AZ

    had an amazing experience at Clear Skin Laser Center for my skin resurfacing treatment. From the moment I walked into the door all of the staff greeted me and treated me with such great care. I felt at ease during the entire process. Mr. Helwig specifically took the time to explain the treatment and aftercare. All staff were eager to answer any questions I may have had during the treatment process. In the days following the treatment. Mr. Helwig and other staff called me many times to make sure I was comfortable and to answer questions about caring for my very sensitive skin. The healing process took time and because of the excellence at Clear Skin Laser Center I feel I got the best results. Their true knowledge of skin, complex treatments, and patient care cannot be matched by anyone else. I will continue to only access the knowledgeable staff at Clear Skin for my future skin needs.

  • Shari, Sedona, AZ

    I am 67, have a great figure, and have always worked out regularly at the gym. Recently however, I was disheartened when my skin seemed to lack skin tone and elasticity and no amount of working out improved the situation. I was happy with my laser resurfacing treatment that I received at Clearskin and decided to try the LaserTyte treatment to improve lax skin on my upper and inner thighs and arms. I was told I would need a minimum of four treatments before I saw results. I was embarrassed to show off my body, but decided to go for it. Three weeks after receiving my first treatment, I was getting ready to go to sleep and looked in the mirror beside my bed. Prior to this first treatment, I couldn’t stand what I saw; I was pleasantly surprised that I would see any results so soon. Being quite sensitive to my body, I noticed a visible difference. The skin was tighter and more toned. Also, an ugly, dark spider vein that I had tried for two years to get rid of with repeated sclerotherapy sessions, was almost gone. I am looking forward to receiving my third treatment next week. Thank you, Larry and Jessica.

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