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Americans spent over $12 billion on cosmetic procedures last year. The medical aesthetics industry is a growth industry. Treatments are performed in medical spas or in doctor’s offices. Over the past ten years procedures have generated a tremendous amount of revenue, creating jobs and opportunities. Here are some impressive facts about the growth of the industry:

Since 1997, non-surgical procedures increased by 747%! Laser hair removal and laser skin resurfacing were two of the top five non-surgical cosmetic procedures: laser hair removal (1.1 million procedures) laser skin resurfacing (466,238 procedures). (The others three were BOTOX® injection (5,670,788 procedures); hyaluronic acid (Dermal Fillers) (1,891,158 procedures); microdermabrasion (900,439 procedures).

Women had over 10.5 million cosmetic procedures, 92% of the total. Since 1997, non-surgical procedures have increased 749% among women.

Statistics courtesy of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is laser safety important?

Simple. You are working on clients with very powerful lasers that, when used correctly, make beautiful skin, but when used incorrectly can harm your client and even yourself. Laser safety is fundamental in laser aesthetics and is always taught with laser physics so you get a complete understanding of light tissue interaction and what that means in real life clients. Not clearly understanding laser dynamics is a gamble for your license and future that you need not take. We will help you gain confidence through experience and knowledge.

Why attend Clearskin Institute?

Simply put, we are the best training facility in the country. Are we the biggest? No, but I’m sure you can think of many things that are bigger, but not better. Since we offer smaller classes, each student gets more of the instructor’s time. We believe that in order to give good treatments, you must experience treatments. All students receive thousands of dollars in treatments during their training. Why do we get so many physicians, nurses and aestheticians referred to us? They love our training programs. We offer basic and advanced courses in everything from laser to Botox and fillers to Hormone therapy and even PRP injections and resurfacing. We care about your success and will do all we can to give you the best educational experience possible. We get reference letters from physicians and students continuously. This one is from Dr. Braun, a noted international speaker for many companies on aesthetics.

“Larry Helwig provides the most passionate and enthusiastic training program that I have ever attended. His knowledge and experience gained by over 15 years of laser use in this aesthetic industry is extremely valuable as he gives the student practical tips that he has learned to avoid making mistakes and enhance the treatment outcomes. I have sent most of my staff to training sessions operated by Clearskin over the years as I find them very useful to motivate even my most experienced technicians and clinical consultants. The motivational component of any workshop provided by an enthusiastic trainer is infectious and must not be overlooked as it is critical for success in the cosmetic arena.”
Martin Braun, M.D. | Vancouver, Canada

What requirements and prerequisites do you have?

The industry of laser aesthetics is regulated on a state-by-state basis, so you should check with your state’s regulatory agency prior to enrolling in any course. Most states will allow anyone who has completed Clearskin Institute’s training programs to perform laser procedures in a qualified med spa or laser center.

Botox, Dermal Fillers and Sclerotherapy will typically need to be performed by a registered nurse, physician’s assistant or physician. In some states a licensed vocational nurse or medical assistant will be allowed to perform injections.

Do physicians teach your courses?

Some of our courses are taught by physicians only, while other courses are taught by very experienced nurses and laser technicians certified to teach. Clearskin Institute prides itself in being the most recognized educational facility for advanced theory, physics, safety, and hands-on training in the country. Our 19 years of experience treating patients and training physicians and staff, gives you the best opportunity for a great education. Come check out our advanced methods of resurfacing, skin rejuvenation, body contouring and skin tightening that have become the standard for the domestic and international laser community.

Can someone who is not an aesthetician find work in the field?

Yes, we have two laser technicians that have no aesthetic experience working for us. While aesthetic experience is certainly helpful and adds to your knowledge about skin care, it is not a requirement for becoming laser certified and working in the field. Since we work with many of the Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologist, Cosmetic Surgeons and Med Spas in Arizona and the country, we have helped place many laser technicians in offices looking for help.

Why is it better to be trained at a facility that is also a true laser clinic?

Many of our patients fly in from all over the U.S. and Canada to receive treatments at Clearskin Institute. We have a reputation for creating new laser treatment protocols that generate outstanding results that other spas do not achieve. As you know, patients do not pay for effort, they pay for results. We teach the latest protocols on the best technology available so you know what can be achieved with the right training, knowledge and technology.

What kind of accreditation does Clearskin have?

Clearskin Institute is approved by the Bureau of Radiation Control to provided laser certification courses.

How do your prices compare to other schools?

When choosing an education, price is definitely a big consideration, but the quality of the training you receive and the real-world working knowledge you gain, is the most important thing to consider when choosing a school. We strive to ensure Clearskin’s training programs offer the best value for the investment you are making in yourself.