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    This is our most popular course, offering an education suited to real world applications with emphases on safety and positive results. In addition to our 40-Hour Laser Didactic program and Laser Safety Officer Certification, we also include Hands-On Certification – a Bureau of Radiation Control requirement necessary to perform Laser Hair Reduction, Photofacial, Laser Peel and Skin Tightening. We are the only laser institute in Arizona to incorporate Laser, Laser-In-Motion and IPL Technology into our Laser Hair Removal program.

    Course 101 incorporates all five Bureau of Radiation Control approved hands-on modules and offers a savings of more than $2,000 contrasted with taking individual modules.


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    This course covers the basics of skin histology, laser physics, and clinical applications, as well as all aspects of laser safety. Real-life applications and possible complications are discussed using before/after photos of real patients; and, open discussion is encouraged and enhanced by our unique, creative approach to education. Spanning four 10-hour days, this course is structured to accommodate the working professional.


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    (590nm/640nm IPL/BBL static and in-motion, 1064nm Nd:YAG) This course covers the didactic presentation on hair removal, along with the many ways to treat hair. Each hands-on course covers how to safely and effectively treat, on different areas of the body, using different technology. We encourage each student to receive hair removal treatments, as part of the training experience.


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    (Wavelengths: 515nm, 560nm, 590nm) Using the many advantages of Forever Young BBL(Broadband Light), we aim to educate our students on the benefits of photofacial and skin rejuvenation. Treating with BBL, we are able to reduce the signs of redness and pigment, while remodeling collagen, giving the skin a more youthful appearance. Students can receive photofacial treatments as part of their training experience.


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    There are various technologies on the market, that treat and improve skin laxity(saggy skin). At Clearskin Institute, we educate using both Radio Frequency and Near infrared technologies. The didactic portion of this course, will focus on the decrease, repair, and the creation of new collagen (neo-collagenesis). The hands-on portion will cover technique, body positioning and extensive education on stimulating the production of new collagen. Students love receiving this treatment as part of their educational experience!

  • 105: LASER PEEL (2940NM/ERBIUM : YAG)

    This is one of our most sought after courses! With our Laser Peel certification course, our students learn how to effectively treat almost all conditions of the skin. Skin rejuvenation, fine lines and wrinkles, tone, texture, scars, stretch marks, and skin tags. Laser Peel is currently as fundamental as understanding microdermabrasion. The process of removing old skin to enhance appearance has always been a sought after treatment. With this course, you will treat using 2940 Erbium technology. This technology allows you to select a specific depth, based on downtime and patient goals/expectations. You can treat an entire face in just a few minutes! Students are always thrilled about receiving this treatment as part of their educational experience.

  • 106: VEIN/VASCULAR (1064NM ND :YAG)

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    1064nm is one of the most effective wavelengths treating superficial vascular disorders. This course includes a biophysics and laser safety review, prior to hands-on. Topics covered in course 106 include the importance of patient selection, how to safely and effectively treat unwanted leg and spider veins, as well as key components of lasting results. Students can volunteer to be a model for this treatment to enhance their experience.

  • THE GAME CHANGER - Advanced Consultation Experience

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    Designed to aggressively change your income:

    • 1 day course from 8:30-5:30
    • $3,500 for single office 1-4 people per office
    • $3,000 per office for 2 offices 1-4 people per office
    • $2,500 per office for 3 or more offices 1-4 people per office
    • $250 for each additional student

    Day 2 Optional


    This course takes you step by step through the process of “building a successful practice” using systems and action plans to thrive.  The systems allow you to easily implement your action plans for success.

    • When taken with Game Changer Advanced Consultation the cost is reduced to $500/office

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    Is the term Selective Photothermolysis applicable to the technology used by your aesthetician? Is TRT (Thermal Relaxation Time) important when considering whether or not a patient’s skin should be cooled during a Photofacial or Hair Reduction procedure? This specially-designed course offers in-depth exploration of laser technology fundamentals, treatments and responsibilities. It is divided into eight modules including Laser Safety, Laser Physics, Skin Histology, Hair Removal, Photo Rejuvenation, Vascular Issues, Treatments and Treatment Complications. Open discussion regarding Safety, Science, Practical Use, Combination Therapy and Efficacy of various lasers is highly encouraged.


    The Injectable course is for Beginner injectors. It goes through the basic science of neurotoxins and dermal fillers. Injection techniques, proper patient facial evaluation, dosing, contraindications, and pre/post procedure steps will be taught. There will be live demonstration, as well as hands on experience injecting model patients for all students.

    Customized courses for experienced injectors looking to learn new techniques can be arranged. Please contact us for more details.

  • 110: Basic Consultation for Beginners

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    This is a high demand Advanced Consultation Course that teaches you how to use psychology and emotion to change human behavior. This powerful program combines clinical education with high energy motivation to sell more treatments and develop long term maintenance plans for patients. It focuses on staff success and team culture to grow your practice through referrals. This extensive hands-on skill development course generates confidence and competence.


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    This course will cover the basics of diagnosis and treatment plans for using bio-identical hormones in your practice.
    What will be covered:

    • Lab work
      • Saliva versus blood
      • Understanding “normal” lab values
      • Hormone pathways in the body
      • Vitamins and minerals needed for the pathways to function properly
    • Common signs/ symptoms of
      • Estrogen deficiency
      • Estrogen dominance/progesterone deficiency
      • Testosterone deficiency
      • DHEA deficiency
      • Low/high cortisol levels
      • Adrenal insufficiency
      • Thyroid abnormalities
    • How to treat patients
      • Hormone replacement
      • Vitamins and herbs
    •  Dosing types for hormone
      • Pellets, creams, sublingual lozenges, and pills
    • Follow up patient care

    Hormonal imbalances are becoming more and more common in our world. With increased stress levels and toxins in the environment, out body becomes more vulnerable to outside influences. Helping your patient balance their hormones can allow then to feel good again and enjoy their lives.


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    What will be covered:

    • Anatomy and physiology of leg veins
    • Abnormalities of leg veins
    • Causes and classification of venous insufficiency
    • Sclerosing agents
    • Types and dilution
    • Preparation of patient and room
    • Injection techniques and supplies
    • Post care
    • Managing issues and complications

    The Sclerotherapy training course will cover medical protocols used, proper injection techniques, and the most commonly used sclerosing agents. Attendees will learn how to evaluate a patient and determine if the veins are a medical issue, aesthetic issue, or both. Anatomy and physiology of the venous system will be reviewed, along with contraindication and possible complications of sclerotherapy. Live patient demonstration and hands-on training are included in the course. The training materials included with the course are written protocols, medical list of supplies and solutions needed and detailed instructions describing the techniques learned in the course.

  • 113: LEVULAN PDT

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    Levulan PDT treatments are ideal for the badly sun damaged patient, the acne patient or the patient that wants to improve their appearance but cannot afford resurfacing. It can be like a FotoFacial on steroids to a very aggressive peel. The course covers information about the product, its uses and most importantly, how to use it. This is a tremendous product and the instruction makes you comfortable with it use.


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    Advanced Body Contouring and Skin Tightening training using RF. This 1 or 11/2 day course is customizable to the needs of the office. This comprehensive course covers didactic information on what Radio Frequency is and how it works. Hands on training starts with doing a professional full body consultations and best positions for treatment. Using the latest RF technology from BTL, every applicable area of skin tightening and body contouring is addressed.


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    This course is designed to help the beginner get started. While micro-needling has been around for many years, it is not well-understood. This course helps you better understand what you can safely do and accomplish with this great tool.

    When evaluating skin, micro-needling gives you another treatment modality that is easy to do, is extremely effective and profitable at the same time. This certification course allows you to learn all the principals of micro-needling, observe an aggressive treatment, receive a treatment and give a treatment. You will be ready to confidently treat on your own after this course.


    • Who can do it?
    • How safe is it?
    • What can you treat with it?
    • What products can be added to the treatment?
    • How aggressive can you be?
    • What is the epidermal depth of the face?
    • Is it cost effective?
    • What is the recovery time?

    Hands On Practical Experience

    • Apply Numbing Cream to Models
    • Micro Needle 1-3 Models Yourself
    • Experience Your Own Treatment
    • Working Lunch on PRP

    What other technologies can I use without a physician?
    What other technologies can I use without a Bureau of Radiation Control certification?


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    This training includes a didactic presentation and discussion regarding anatomy, common patient concerns, Contraindications, treatment parameters and sales techniques.  The hands-on involves treating models with different internal and external concerns.  This is a well-tolerated and well accepted treatment that when trained properly is very rewarding.

    Covers the review of Female Genitourinary Dysfunction which is a condition that affects 90% of all women at some time in their lives. Many changes occur, some due to childbirth, others due to hormonal imbalances, peri-menopause and menopause, chronic inflammatory changes and other gynecologic conditions.

    These changes are collectively referred to as Female Genitourinary Dysfunction (FGD), and are focused on the lower (outer) third of the vagina. Symptoms of FGD may include vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, reduced sensation during intercourse, inability to achieve orgasm and stress urinary incontinence

    $3,000 per day Phoenix, $3,500 per day off site


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    Comprehensive thread lift training course on the basic (Nu-Mesh) and advanced (Nu-Lyft) PDO threads techniques. These new non-invasive procedures consist of using absorbable PDO.  (Polydiaxanone) threads to achieve safe, in-office tightening and repositioning of the skin. The procedure requires no surgical skills and delivers great results with virtually no complications! The threads are placed in the superficial tissues and can be used anywhere on the face and body. The procedure is performed in-office without any anesthesia. The treated area then mounts a controlled inflammatory response to the threads to provide the desired effect.

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