Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Course

This course will cover the basics of diagnosis and treatment plans for using bio-identical hormones in your practice.
What will be covered:

  • Lab work
    • Saliva versus blood
    • Understanding “normal” lab values
    • Hormone pathways in the body
    • Vitamins and minerals needed for the pathways to function properly
  • Common signs/ symptoms of
    • Estrogen deficiency
    • Estrogen dominance/progesterone deficiency
    • Testosterone deficiency
    • DHEA deficiency
    • Low/high cortisol levels
    • Adrenal insufficiency
    • Thyroid abnormalities
  • How to treat patients
    • Hormone replacement
    • Vitamins and herbs
  •  Dosing types for hormone
    • Pellets, creams, sublingual lozenges, and pills
  • Follow up patient care

Hormonal imbalances are becoming more and more common in our world. With increased stress levels and toxins in the environment, out body becomes more vulnerable to outside influences. Helping your patient balance their hormones can allow then to feel good again and enjoy their lives.

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