Build Your Own Workshop
Presented by Larry Helwig, RN

This workshop allows you to customize your own training program to fit your technology and needs. The training modules used can be any combination of the following:

Hair reduction (IPL or Laser)
Laser Peel (Fractionated Er:YAG 2940nm)
Volume Reduction – Exilis and Vanquish – body contouring
Vascular – facial and leg veins
Advanced Consultation Program – 1 day
Fotofacial (3 different wavelengths)
Skin Tightening – IPL, NIR, RF non invasive)
  • Customized treatment protocols for every area of the body
Stretch marks – Skin tightening and fractionated laser peel
Levulan PDT – total rejuvenation and acne program

This customized program is a minimum of 2 days and is best accomplished over 3 days depending on the number of modules. All training programs are focused on helping you get the best results possible with the technology you have.

Cost of Course: $3,000 per day at Clearskin Institute’s training center; $3,500 per day at your location. Includes power point presentations, manuals, coffee, snacks and lunch.

*If you are a Sciton customer you may use Top Flight points: (5 Points per day) + $500 (per day for travel)

For additional information about any of our courses contact Heidi Rawlings, Director of Aesthetic Education, at 602-274-8254