Laser Certification & Training

Training for Laser Technicians

The opportunities for intelligent, well trained laser technicians are endless. Seems like everyone wants a really good laser tech. Of course it starts with a great attitude followed by great training. Our training instills very good laser habits starting from the very beginning. All Arizona students get the Bureau of Radiation Control certification course followed by the hands-on modules.

The hands-on training involves the discipline of technically doing each treatment the correct way and to also receive treatments. In order to give a great treatment you must know how it feels to get a treatment. Understanding patients do not pay for effort but rather for results helps the student work toward the goal of giving perfect result –orientated treatments every time.

Clearskin Institute of Laser Aesthetics, Inc. is a nationally recognized leader in the education of physicians and staff in laser aesthetics. In addition to advanced courses for aesthetic industry professionals, Clearskin Institute offers an Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency (ARRA) approved 40-hour laser didactic, 88-hour laser didactic and IPL and Laser Hair Removal hands-on, 24- hour skin tightening hands-on, 24- hour laser peel hands-on, 24- hour vascular hands-on and the 24-hour medical director laser certifications courses.

Why train with Clearskin? Our staff has been training and certifying physicians, nurses, laser technicians, and aestheticians since 1996. We have the extensive knowledge, experience and passion necessary to prepare you with the skills and confidence you need to treat patients safely and efficaciously.

Training for Medical Professionals

We offer result- orientated training programs that can be customized for the Medical Professional that ranges from basic “getting started” in laser aesthetics to advanced techniques for nerve blocks, deep resurfacing, and combination therapy. Our didactic courses cover all laser treatments and we even have a special 24 hour Medical Director Course that includes laser physics and safety (for LSO) for physicians in Arizona.

Over the past 18 years, we have helped over 400 offices set up their aesthetic practice. Eliminate mistakes by using our extensive experience to help you be successful sooner. We cover all phases of set up from office layout to purchasing technology to hiring staff to professional consultations to advanced treatment protocols. Our style of training is fresh, direct and successful – we hope to see you soon.