Laser Hair Removal

We know that hair is different on everyone, and not all hair can be treated the same. Therefore, we offer several different systems for hair reduction: the fastest hair removal system available for the large areas;  and with a scanner for darker skin. Typically, these comfortable treatments are accomplished over six short sessions without any downtime.

For those who are unhappy with shaving, tweezing, waxing, etc., it’s worthwhile to consider laser hair removal. While the word “laser” may be a bit intimidating to some, the reality is that this is a very safe process and is now one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in the United States.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair removal works by using highly concentrated light beams to target hair follicle pigment and then destroy the hair entirely. The patient sits back and relaxes while the technician or medical doctor uses light pulses lasting no more than a second to remove many hairs at once. The amount of time of one session depends almost entirely on the location of the body hair and amount of it being removed (for instance, hair on the upper lip or chin may take just minutes to remove while hair on the legs may take around an hour). Different laser settings will also be used depending on the patient’s skin tone, hair color and hair thickness. While laser hair removal is technically a temporary procedure, over multiple sessions body hair typically becomes significantly lighter and thinned. Many report a level of permanent hair loss after three to seven laser sessions.

It should be noted that while many advancements have been made in the laser hair removal field for all skin tones, this procedure tends to work best on those with lighter skin tones and darker hair follicles.

Tips for a Successful Laser Hair Removal Session

If you are interested in laser hair removal, there are some tips you can follow to achieve the best results possible:

  • Take the time to talk with your technician and/or doctor prior to treatment about your hair reduction goals and concerns.
  • Do not pluck, shave or wax your skin for several weeks leading up to your laser treatment session. Hair that is too short can make it difficult for the light to find and target your hair follicle pigment, therefore making it difficult to remove.
  • Keep skin clean. Things like sweat and dirt can get in the way of the laser’s effectiveness.
  • Avoid the sun both before and after treatment. A good rule of them is to avoid any excess sun exposure the six weeks prior to and the six weeks following treatment. This is because your specific session’s laser equipment will be adjusted to multiple factors, including your skin’s pigment. Besides, sun exposure also causes skin damage.
  • Because sunburn-like reactions and symptoms can appear after a laser hair rremoval session, using cold compresses and a good moisturizer can help speed up the recovery process.

What’s Next?

To schedule a laser hair removal session or to simply ask more questions, contact the Clearskin Institute of Laser Aesthetics. We are a Phoenix-based training center and full-service facility for non-surgical aesthetic procedures. In addition to laser hair removal, we offer a wide variety of other non-invasive, safe cosmetic procedures to help you start looking and feeling your best.

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