Styku 3D Body Imaging

Styku 3D Body Imaging uses a revolutionary method for taking exact measurements of your body and body profile. Styku’s technology leverages Microsoft’s Kinect V2, the world’s most powerful 3D Camera. This technology allows you to get millions of data points in a matter of 30 seconds. These data points can be used to gain insight into your body, highlight your fitness goals, validate the effectiveness of body contouring, track weight loss progress, and even help get the right sizing for clothing and footwear.

3D Imaging is the Future

Traditional photographs have long been used by doctors to help their patients see what they would like to change and to mark what they can do. While this was an effective method, the newest 3D technology is the future of imaging and will provide both medical professionals and patients with better insight into the potential treatment options to help individuals look and feel their best. Body contouring procedures require careful attention to detail to help medical professionals determine the areas that require assistance and put together a plan to help patients get the beautiful bodies they’ve always wanted. The 3D technology makes it easier to create a plan and visualize the end results more accurately.

How Does it Work

The Styku 3D Body Imaging technology utilizes top-of-the-line 3D body scanners to take pictures of the body that allow doctors to circle the body and see it in real-time with all the existing contours. Patients stand on a turntable that will rotate 360 degrees as the scanner takes all of the images necessary. All the patient needs to do is to hold still for 30 seconds. The fast technology makes this option easy for most individuals.

A Full Analysis of Your Body

The most common use of the Styku 3D Body Imaging is to complete a full analysis of the body before any treatments are recommended. Not only will this scan show you the shape of the body, but it will also provide an accurate fat analysis and a shape analysis. This will help patients and their medical team determine the areas that require the most focus to achieve the shape they are looking for. This imaging can also be used for risk assessment and goal setting to ensure the best results for patients.

Track Your Progress

The best part of using the Styku 3D Body Imaging process is you can track your progress through your weight loss program or any other treatment you are undergoing. For this reason, the imaging technology can be used at intervals after treatments are completed to track progress and show patients what changes have occurred over time. It’s amazing to be able to track the changes in your body to help you feel more confident in the success of your treatment.

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