The Non Surgical Solution to Acne, Eye Bags, and More

Agnes RF is a non-surgical radio frequency device that treats eye bags without having to go under the knife! It also tightens and removes fat from the neck and jowl area. Cystic acne is treated by removing the sebaceous (oil) gland which causes acne and blackheads. Agnes RF is a cosmetic breakthrough! There is no other device that can safely and non-invasively treat under eye bags, sculpt the neck and jowl area, and treat cystic acne with minimal downtime.


AGNES is the ultimate solution for acne

AGNES destroys the sebaceous glands in selective and permanent way. In other words, it will destroy the source of acne to treat it.

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AGNES is an effective treatment modality for periorbital wrinkles which is difficult to treat with Botulinum toxin or filler injections.

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