Halo™ improves the overall texture and tone in your skin. Halo is considered a complete skin rejuvenation treatment. The skin improvements that you will notice are in the overall tone and texture and a significant removal of discoloration, a reduction in fine lines, skin reflectivity and glow, and a reduced pore size.

Halo Treatment

How Many Halo Treatments Will I need?

One of the many benefits about Halo™ is that you can choose the amount of treatments that you want! Schedule an appointment with one of our clinicians do discuss whether to have one or two more aggressive treatments or the option to have multiple, less aggressive, treatments over time. You can often achieve a similar goal over longer period of time.

What Occurs During the Treatment?

About thirty minutes to an hour prior to the treatment your clinician may put a topical anesthetic on your skin which is aimed to help decrease the sensation during the procedure. Our clinician will measure the area using motion tracking technology to make sure that the area is treated consistently. Our clinician will apply the treatment to each section evenly by rolling the Halo handpiece over the skin and the system will identify when the treatment is complete.

What Does the Halo Treatment Feel Like?

Most patients have very little discomfort because of the topical anesthetic and integrated cooling technology that our clinicians use. The treatment is often described as a feeling of heat with the occasional prickling or tingling sensation. Most patients describe the treatment as generally comfortable. There is a warm feeling that most patience claim to feel for an additional fifteen to thirty minutes after the treatment. This feeling can last a little longer if a deeper treatment is applied.

After Treatment, How Long Can I Return to Normal Activities?

The first twenty-four hours require that you keep your skin protected following your clinician’s instructions. After this initial period you will be able to continue on with your normal activities. Once the initial twenty-four hour time period has lapsed then your skin will being to peel, but makeup will be allowed. There is not much change during the initial day of the facial treatment. After the two to three days you will develop a light bronzing or tan appearance. Around day three or four your skin will being to peel, which will reveal your new skin beneath.

What is the Cost For A Halo Treatment?

Each Halo™ Treatment is customized for your lifestyle and skin. This means that depending on what you need your clinician may recommend one treatment or a series of treatments. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment and find the right solution for you!


How Long Until I See Results?

You will start to see the initial results around the two to five day time period after your Halo Treatment. Your skin will continue to improve as time continues. Most patients notice the greatest pigmentary improvement during the initial two to three week period. This time period followed by a dermal regeneration phase will help continue the improvement for months.

How Long Do the Halo™ Treatment Results Last?

This is one of the best reasons for using Halo™. Halo™ results will last for years to come. You should make efforts to protect your skin using sunscreen. This will help keep your new skin looking healthy. Every Halo™ treatment you get will continue to improve your skin and give your better results.