Lightwave LED

How It Works

This system, in combination with Derma Kinetics products, provides the ultimate in skin hydration and collagen refinement. The products are driven into the dermis by LED light. The results are dramatically better than simply using topical skincare applications alone.



Face & Body Multi-Zone

Focus on what matters! The ENVY bed is far superior and the only device on the market to offer full body treatments and focused facial applications simultaneously. Don’t settle for any less than the best. Lightwave’s proprietary Face Zone offer the full gamut of Lightwave LED Therapy protocols as well as all the hot new Topical Light Infusion (TLi) treatment.


Full Encapsulation

The ENVY Light Capsule stimulates the entire body in one treatment utilizing Stimu-LED diode technology. Beloved by patients and professionals, the Capsule targets more problem areas, faster than ever before.



LIGHTWAVE’s Envy Light Capsule™ is the most advanced professional grade LED Light Therapy Bed and offers the most sophisticated and versatile features available in the market. Utilizing 24k StimLED™ diodes to insure proper output combined with our PureLED™ Technology you will feel and look better than you ever imagined.Our technology has received multiple clearances, backed by significant scientific data, years of field service and a commitment to excellence.

Total Control at Your Fingertips

Should you need touchscreen access from inside the capsule or out, we have you covered. Control and customize your treatments with beautiful simplicity.


Our patented multi-wavelength platform system makes it possible to address a variety of skin conditions ranging from fine lines, discoloration, flaccid skin, and dermal repair to acne and PDT treatments all in one system.