Clearskin Institute wants our patients to love the skin they’re in, which is why we’re happy to offer clients who want to fight signs of aging and sun damage such as uneven color and texture a new option: Moxi. This “prejuvenation” system might just unlock the radiant skin you desire.

Moxi is one of the newest treatments on the market, using randomy fractionated laser energy to produce micro-coagulation and stimulate the repair and regrowth of skin cells. The result? Lightened and brightened skin that looks more youthful and even. And Moxi does all this without abrading the skin in as little as 15 minutes. That means you can stop by our facility on your lunch break for your treatment!

Why Patients Love Moxi

Patients enjoy that Moxi is a more gentle treatment than some of the alternatives. Only some prefer anesthetic cream before their treatments. You’ll feel the technician gliding the handpiece across your skin, along with a warming sensation. Cool air can also provide comfort to patients during and after Moxi treatments.

The gentleness of this skin treatment system also makes it ideal for patients who experience the hyperpigmentation associated with melasma that may occur as a result of higher-heat skin treatments.

The skin recovers in 60 minutes, and Moxi requires only two to eight hours of downtime afterward. Furthermore, aftercare is simple–you just need to avoid the sun. Prepare your skin with physical sunblock that uses minerals to protect your skin from the sun before heading outside. Make sure to keep your skin moisturized and use a gentle cleanser, too.

In just 24 hours, you can apply makeup to skin that has received treatment. All of this means that Moxi doesn’t interrupt your life the same way other skin treatments might.

Moxi is also appropriate for everyone, regardless of skin type. You can even combine it with other treatments to correct skin concerns not covered by Moxi. Many patients find the perfect solution to their skincare troubles is a combination of Moxi and BBL (broadband light photo rejuvenation), the latter of which is effective at reducing red or brown spots.


See the Difference Yourself

Moxi produces the most dramatic effects on skin with early signs of aging or sun damage. Fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and visible pores may all be improved with Moxi.

Patients require around three treatment sessions on average to achieve maximum improvement in skin tone, texture, and pigmentation. However, many people notice a difference after a single session. Periodic maintenance treatments can help keep your skin looking light, bright, and young after the initial reparative treatments with Moxi.

Contact us today if you’re ready to put your best face forward with Moxi!